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Grants For School Fountains Grants For Overseas Project

The Drinking Fountain Association welcomes applications for grants to help fund projects to provide clean drinking water.  We provide grants for the supply of School Drinking Water Fountains, the Restoration of Existing Drinking Water Fountains and for various Overseas Projects.

If you would like to apply for a grant you can download an application below

Schools Fountain Application Form

     - Type of fountain supplied
     - Details on fixing and maintenance

Feedback request

UK Project Application Form

Overseas Project Application Form

Restoration  Works Application Form

To receive a grant your project will need to meet the Association's Objectives which are:-

The promotion of the provision of drinking water for people and animals in the United Kingdom and Overseas

The preservation of the Association's archive materials, artefacts, drinking fountains, cattle troughs and other installations

The main criteria for considering a grant to a non-UK project  are that they would  provide drinking water for people and animals, and the charity requesting the grant is registered in the UK.
In addition, in considering an application for a grant  trustees also require the following information:

A copy of the most recent audited accounts

How has the cost of the project been ascertained, e.g. qualified surveyor etc,.

How many people/animals is it estimated would use the fountain/trough in a day

Will the charity supervise the project, if not who would

Where is it anticipated the remainder of the funds to complete the project will come from.

Wells built in Madagascar