The Drinking Fountain Association

The Drinking Fountain Association safeguards the UK's Drinking Fountains and funds the installation of new drinking fountains around the world.

The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association was established in 1859.

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The Drinking Fountain Association

This is the Association's website which is designed to assist in making grant applications for schools drinking fountains, restoration work, overseas projects to supply clean water and to provide a deeper understanding of the work and history of the association.

Fountains were erected by the Association and passed to local authorities to maintain and keep supplied with potable water. In the event that the local authority does not fulfil its obligations the Association requires the fountain or trough to be returned. Such items belong to the Association and should not be offered for sale. They remain the property of the Association and if informed, it will arrange for the collection with the intention to restore and relocate where the facility is still needed.

Find-a-Fountain is our campaign to encourage the nation to drink more water from fountains (and taps) and less from wasteful disposable water bottles.

We want to increase the number of free water sources across the nation and make them easier to find.

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When the Association was set up in London in 1859 it was against a background of a filthy river Thames full of untreated sewage, rubbish and effluent from factories, water borne cholera, but most importantly inadequate free drinking water.

The first fountain was unveiled, on 21 April 1859, at the boundary wall of St.Sepulchre’s church, Snow Hill before a large enthusiastic crowd. Within a short time it was being used daily by around 7,000 people.

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Apply for a Grant

The Drinking Fountain Association welcomes applications for grants to help fund projects to provide clean drinking water. We provide grants for the supply of School Drinking Water Fountains, the Restoration of Existing Drinking Water Fountains and for various Overseas Projects.

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